Dream Weddings On a Budget
Dream Weddings On a Budget

Create Your Dream Wedding on a Budget

There is no shame or dishonor if you're being forced to create your dream wedding on a budget. Truth be told, some of the most beautiful & memorable weddings of all time were, you guessed it, weddings on a budget. Having said that, don't think of it as taking the "cheap" way out -- think of it as being smart as well as economical.

When it comes to creating great weddings on a budget, prioritization is key. Without having your wedding priorities in order, you'd likely end up spending the bulk of your budget on the semi-important aspects instead of the VITALLY important, "make or break" parts of the wedding.

Careful prioritizing will ultimately mean the difference between "Wow! What a beautiful ceremony & incredible reception!" AND "Are you kidding me!? That was supposed to be a wedding!?"

There's no point in being coy, weddings on a budget will require sacrifice -- after all, that's what the whole prioritization part was about.

If you're not prepared to sacrifice some of the smaller things so that the bigger aspects of your wedding can be as big and as beautiful as they're meant to be, well, your dream wedding on a budget isn't going to happen. It'll be a great wedding, sure, just not one that's on a budget -- a wedding that'll cost you thousands upon thousands UPON thousands of dollars. Having said all that, you can either be prepared to make a few chosen sacrifices OR you can be up to your eyeballs in debt once the ceremony & reception is over. The decision is completely up to you.

The breakdown of things to consider for planning weddings on a budget...

- Nearly half of the wedding budget will go towards paying for the reception. This includes the rental location, the location's possible services, as well as food and drink.

- About 10 percent of the budget will be used for clothing, both for the bride (bridesmaids included) and for the groom.

- Invitations, specialized transportation for bridal party, clergy costs, as well as other miscellaneous fees will make up another 10% of the weddings budget.

- The remaining 30 percent of the budget will be broken down and then split up between photography, music & entertainment, and flowers & decorations.

Believe it or not, that is the basic run down of a wedding and how it should be divided amongst your budget. It's not all that scary when everything is laid out in plain view, is it? That's because weddings on a budget, even though they appear to be frightening, aren't all that difficult to orchestrate so long as you keep calm and get your priorities in line.